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F.A.Q. International Award

6th International Prize of
Sacred Architecure 2016

Q: How is the material sent to participate in the prize used?
A: The documentation won’t be given back, but kept in the records of the Frate Sole Foundation. The Foundation reserves the right to display the reports and the illustrative and graphic materials for publications with no obligations towards the Designers.

Q: How are the results of the prize communicated?
A: The results of the prize will be published on the website of the Foundation.

Q: Who is the International Prize of Sacred Architecture addressed to?
A: The International Prize of Sacred Architecture is addressed to architects who have already worked on a church and are able to present relevant pictures and drawings.

Q: How often does the International Prize of Sacred Architecture take place?
A: The International Prize of Sacred Architecture takes place every fourth year. Next edition will take place in 2020.

Q: As regards the International Award of Sacred Architecture, is it possible to take part only with projects of a new realisation of churches or is the restoration of existing churches included as well?
A: The International Award of Sacred Architecture is devoted only to the those who "made a church". To be more precise, just for a better comprehension, we mean the building of a church as a new construction and not other types of works (restoration, adjustment, ...).

Q: Have projects to be exactly churches or it can be also submitted projects like a chapel, which the main programme is for praying and worship?
A: We invite you to submit your work, then the Jury will decide if it is in or out of competition.

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