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Go to the Chilean Cristián Undurraga the International Prize of Sacred Architecture 2012

Now in its fifth edition, is the most important award in the world of industry, was established by Father Costantino Ruggeri.
The official award ceremony Oct. 4 at the University of Pavia.

If the Pritzker Prize, after forty years, is considered the most important award in the world for civil architecture, the award four established by Frate Sole Foundation, now 16 years ago, it is for the sacred art.

The International Prize for Sacred Architecture, organized by the Fondazione Frate Sole has in fact been strongly desired by the master Costantino Ruggeri, the great Franciscan friar, who died in 2007, universally recognized as the father of contemporary sacred, and it is addressed to the achievements of the new buildings religious worldwide.


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International Prize of Sacred Architecture V Edition - 2012

Primo premio: Cristian Undurraga

All the winners of the fifth edition of the International Prize for Sacred Architecture Frate Sole.

First prize in Cristian Undurraga for the church built in Chile, Capilla del Retiro in Auco. Second and third prize respectively in João Luís Carrilho da Graça and study architecture x2. Reported also the following churches: Parish Church in Ponferrada (Spain), Vicens + Ramos Arquitectos; Church within the Dominikuszentrum, in Monaco (Germany) Andreas Meck Architekten, Church of St. George in Pamplona (Spain), of Tabueca & Leache Architects.

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