Go to the Chilean Cristián Undurraga the International Prize of Sacred Architecture 2012

Now in its fifth edition, is the most important award in the world of industry, was established by Father Costantino Ruggeri.
The official award ceremony Oct. 4 at the University of Pavia.

If the Pritzker Prize, after forty years, is considered the most important award in the world for civil architecture, the award four established by Frate Sole Foundation, now 16 years ago, it is for the sacred art.

The International Prize for Sacred Architecture, organized by the Fondazione Frate Sole has in fact been strongly desired by the master Costantino Ruggeri, the great Franciscan friar, who died in 2007, universally recognized as the father of contemporary sacred, and it is addressed to the achievements of the new buildings religious worldwide.



Now what everyone calls "the Oscar Sacred Architecture" in the past has been won by architects of international value, such as the Japanese architect Tadao Ando, who won first prize in the competition debut in 1996. In 2000, the prize is touched instead of the Portuguese architect Alvaro Siza, and in 2004 the American architect Richard Meier, the famous project of the Church of God the Merciful Father, the Church of the Jubilee of 2000 strongly supported and blessed by Blessed John Paul II. Finally, in 2008 the award was presented to the British architect John Pawson for having designed and built the monastery of Novy Dvur (Czech Republic), a building of great rigor, silent eloquent and deeply rooted traditions of the most ancient monastic community of prayer of the Old continent.

This year, whose official award ceremony will be held in the Aula Magna of the University of Pavia on 4 October, was won by the architect Chilean Cristián Undurraga, for his "Capilla del Retiro" to Auco , Chile

At the award ceremony of Pavia, where Father Constantine has lived and worked for many years of his life and where he established the Foundation he established, speakers, in addition to the winners, even the Chilean ambassador in Italy, Sr. Oscar Godoy Arcaya, Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi and the architect Luigi Leoni, president of the Foundation Frate Sole and close associate of Father Constantine. It will therefore be an opportunity to reflect on the value of the sacred and the prospects for development and change which is going through. Themes dear to the founder of the prize, which was an artist at the future and always on the move to the new.

During the week before the ceremony, in the city of Pavia will be held the festival "Between Heaven and Earth", with many activities related to sacred Father Costantino Ruggeri, as the exhibition at Broletto with all the 116 projects submitted for the Prize ( Opening September 29th at 18:30), as well as various creative workshops for children on how to make a window or work on the mosaics, the artist Enrico Mussani (info and reservations: 0382.32279 or segreteria@fondazionefratesole.org).

In addition to Cristián Undurraga, have won awards two other works: The second prize went to the Portuguese Carrilho de Graca, with the church of Santo Antonio, while studying Architecture X2 (Italian), finished third, with the new liturgical hall of the church S.Floriano of Reggio Emilia.

Not only "archi-star" therefore, not only awards the great names of world-known, but also a commitment to enhance the work of professionals less known but equally excellent in their work.

The International Prize for Sacred Architecture, in fact, is characterized by a choice made by its founder: reward not an architect, not a dead letter, but an existing building. And specifically, a Christian place of worship of all denominations.

With a panel of high profile, which includes the architects Luigi Leoni (President), Marco Borsotti, Giorgio Della Longa, Esteban Fernández Cobián, Damiano Iacobone, Orazio La Rocca, Luca Micotti, José Oubrerie and Bishop Giuseppe Russo, the prize four earned high prestige in time, so that in this fifth edition, 116 projects were submitted, a record number, 116 new places of worship built in the last 10 years representing the five continents, 21 of which were selected and evaluated for the final votes.

Issue, then, who has not lived up to expectations, but rather confirmed the growing interest in this event.

A curiosity: the prize is awarded to the winner, in addition to the cash contribution of 30,000 euro (10,000 for the second and third place), is the so-called "Cieldoro", ie the reproduction of a sculpture by Father Constantine at the first edition of the International Prize (1996) in polished steel. The award is a symbol of the sphere from which emerges a pointing upward, like a spire or a needle of a compass that directs them toward the sky, hence the name "Cieldoro."

The International Prize for Sacred Architecture is sponsored by the Pontifical Commission for the Cultural Heritage of the Clergy Holy See and the Italian Episcopal Conference, and has just earned the title of Sacred Architecture Oscar, no doubt representing a unique initiative, at world.

Sponsors are the Ministry of Heritage and Culture, the National Council of Architects, Planners, Landscape Conservatives, the Lombardy Region, the University of Pavia and all bodies and territorial orders.

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