Commemoration of Father Costantino Ruggeri 25 June 2024

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A day dedicated to the spiritual and artistic legacy of a great man

Locandina Commemorazione Padre Costantino Ruggeri 2024

The Frate Sole Foundation recently celebrated the figure of Father Costantino Ruggeri with an event that took place on 25 June 2024 at the Convent of the Friars Minor in Canepanova. The day, rich in meaning and spirituality, was attended by numerous faithful and admirers of Ruggeri's work.

The ceremony began with a solemn mass celebrated by Father Enrico Russotto at 6.30 p.m. in the evocative Church of Santa Maria Incoronata in Canepanova. 

After the Eucharistic celebration, the guests moved to the courtyard of the Canepanova Convent, where an exhibition dedicated to the work of Father Costantino Ruggeri had been set up. Visitors were able to admire the beauty and depth of the works, which convey messages of peace, joy and hope.

The evening ended with refreshments in the cloister of the Canepanova Convent, where participants had the opportunity to share moments of fraternity and reflection, recalling the life and work of Father Costantino Ruggeri.

Father Ruggeri, who lived from 1925 to 2007, was a Franciscan friar and a gifted artist, whose work is characterised by a profound search for spiritual expression through form and colour. His artistic legacy, exhibited in numerous churches and public spaces in Italy and abroad, continues to inspire and nourish the souls of many.

The commemoration of Father Costantino Ruggeri was a valuable opportunity to pay tribute to his extraordinary contribution to sacred art and Franciscan spirituality. The event represented a bridge between past and present, keeping his legacy alive and inspiring future generations to discover and appreciate the beauty and depth of his work.began